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Open Coworking - Thursdays at The EXP HUB

We invite those who are business owners, creatives, those working on their own projects, and those who need someone to work outside of their home to our business hub! We have ran this session now for three weeks, and it has been a joy to see the projects that happen from interactions and networking that happens within our space.

Every Thursday during the summer you are welcome to join us to discuss ideas, develop your plan, and to network with wonderful people who will inspire you (Fika always happens too haha!)

We open our doors to those who want to be a part of a wonderful community.

What you will get - Own desk and area to work

- Access to super fast wifi

- Printing facilities

- Kitchen facilities

- Free tea and coffee

- Meeting area

- A wonderful library of business books and inspiration

- The opportunity to meet other wonderful individuals and network

How do you need to book? You will need to book a space the Wednesday before the day you would like to come, by emailing

Here is what some people have said about this opportunity!

There is no catch! And we welcome you with open arms to our space.

Have an amazing day!

Find out more about what we do here,

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